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Steven Lewis: Canada can aim higher than improved dental care access

Steven Lewis: Canada can aim higher than improved dental care access

Steven Lewis advocates aiming beyond merely enhancing dental care access in Canada. His perspective involves elevating the quality and scope of dental care across the nation.

Introduction to Steven Lewis’s Perspective

Steven Lewis proposes that Canada should aspire to attain comprehensive and elevated standards in dental care, surpassing mere accessibility improvements.

Current Dental Care Accessibility in Canada

The existing scenario highlights challenges in accessibility, affordability, and coverage disparities in dental care, preventing many Canadians from obtaining essential services.

Addressing Limitations in Dental Care

H1: Accessibility Challenges

Accessibility remains a significant hurdle for a considerable portion of the population, limiting their ability to access timely and necessary dental care.

H2: Affordability Concerns

Affordability concerns act as a barrier, hindering individuals from seeking regular dental care, leading to exacerbated oral health issues.

H3: Coverage Disparities

Disparities in coverage across various demographics further contribute to inequalities in accessing comprehensive dental care.

Steven Lewis’s Proposals for Elevated Dental Care

H1: Enhanced Public Coverage

Lewis suggests expanding public coverage to ensure a broader scope of essential dental services accessible to all Canadians.

H2: Focus on Preventive Measures

Advocating for increased focus on preventive measures to mitigate oral health issues and reduce the need for extensive treatments.

H3: Improving Health Education

Promoting health education programs aimed at enhancing public awareness regarding oral health practices and the importance of regular dental check-ups.

Canadian Government’s Response and Potential Actions

Assessing the government’s response and potential actions to implement Lewis’s proposals, determining the feasibility and impact of these suggestions.

Impact of Elevated Dental Care

The elevation of dental care standards could significantly improve oral health outcomes and the overall well-being of the Canadian population.

Public Perception and Future Aspirations

Understanding public perceptions and fostering aspirations for elevated dental care standards to gain traction and support across the country.


In conclusion, Steven Lewis’s perspective urges Canada to aspire to higher standards in dental care, aiming beyond mere accessibility improvements to achieve comprehensive and elevated dental care.

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