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Olympic skier Lindsey Vonn shares her 8 fitness essentials

To say that alpine skiing legend Lindsey Vonn has slowed down since retiring from the sport in 2019 would be inaccurate. Case in point: The four-time World Cup champion and three-time Olympic medalist continues to travel the world, tackling everything from wake surfing in Miami to skiing the Streif at night.

While she might be retired from the nonstop training, high-octane fitness will always and forever be a part of Vonn’s life. “How I approach fitness is very similar to how I approach life,” she says. “In everything I do, I try to find a balance of enjoyment and passion while also giving my maximum effort. I also don’t compromise with anything I set out to do! If I’m doing 50 sit-ups, it’s 50 sit-ups, not 48 or 49.”

That said, these days, she’s also prioritizing having fun. “I’ve spent most of my life following a specific training program,” Vonn says. “Now I enjoy the freedom to do what I want and whatever makes me happy that day. But whatever I choose to do, I never settle for less than my best effort. I have fun but always give 100% effort!”

Today, Vonn’s career involves managing several brand partnerships, including her Legacy ski wear collection with HEAD. Vonn’s relationship with the brand began back in 2009 when she started using HEAD skis to race. “We’ve had an amazing collaboration for so long in the racing world that transitioning into winter sportswear after my racing career was very natural,” she says. “Creating my own winter ski line is something I have always wanted to do. I’m able to create things that I felt were lacking in the space, and with consumer feedback and new designs and innovations, we’re able to improve with every new season. Plus, I get to show my fashion sense!”

Ahead, Vonn shares her top fitness picks for when she’s on the road and at home.

UA Bodysuit.jpg

“I love a one-piece, both for skiing and for working out,” says Vonn, who is a brand ambassador. “One-pieces are super flattering and function very well — plus, it’s easy to travel with. I created my own one-piece with Under Armour and Project Rock this past season and couldn’t be happier!” Soft and stretchy, this bodysuit wicks away sweat and has built-in side pockets for storing essentials.

UA Project Rock 6 Shoes.jpg

“When it comes to workout sneakers, support is essential for me, and I’ve found the Rock’s TriBase workout shoe to be the best I’ve ever used,” she says. “In fact, I helped him design the women’s line, so I made sure the shoe colors match all the workout clothes perfectly.”

Amazon Theraband Resistance Bands.jpg

“When I travel, I always make sure to bring an exercise band,” says Vonn, who has worked with the brand in the past. “With an exercise band, I can work out my legs, arms, glutes — basically anything! They are incredibly easy to pack and travel with.” Boasting nearly 23,000 Amazon reviews, these bands come in latex and non-latex styles as well as a variety of colors.

Spotify Premium.jpg

“Music is an absolute must for my workouts,” says Vonn, who cites Spotify as her favorite streaming service. “I can’t work out without it. I have a special playlist dedicated solely to my workout sessions, and I also have another playlist specifically for those intense bike sprints. Keeps my energy high!”

Hyperice X Knee cnnu.jpg

“My knees are wrecked, so I have to ice them after workouts and also do Normatec to flush out all the excess swelling,” says Vonn, who is a brand investor. “Plus, they help my muscles recover so I’m ready for the next workout.”

Oura Horizon Ring Gen3 cnnu.jpg

“My Oura ring is a workout and recovery must,” says Vonn, who is partnered with the brand and an investor. “I like keeping track of not only how hard I’ve been working but also how well I’m recovering. No matter how hard you work, if you’re not recovering properly, you won’t make any gains.”

Cole Sport Head Beanie cnnu.jpg

“I also love the double-pom beanie, which has become one of my trademarks since introducing it on the podium when I was still racing,” Vonn says. “It’s fun and playful for both adults and kids.”

Miller Sportswear Tiffany Jacket.jpg

“The Tiffany jacket is my go-to winter jacket,” Vonn says. “Ironically, I hate the cold, so I made sure to create something that would keep me warm while also being stylish enough to wear on and off the slopes. The jacket has been meticulously designed, considering every detail like pocket placement, where the collar sits on your neck to keep your face warm and also a nice mantra inside of every jacket to inspire you on the slopes.” Available in multiple sizes, the jacket is insulated with premium goose down, and it has an adjustable hood to keep the cold out. 

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